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Welcome to the official website for T.R. Braxton, author of the EeRIE NEW HORROR NOveL, The WRAith.


 The Wraith book description:

John Rainbird Jefferies is haunted by visions of a malevolent spirit. Every time the young Maupai tribesman "sees" the creature, a resident or former resident of tiny Bay Corner, Maryland dies. Local detectives are mystified by the impossible nature of the deaths, but John realizes that sinister forces are at work. He understands the wraith's hateful motivation, as well as its intention to take many more victims. John knows that he must stop the creature that was once his best friend, or die trying.


 The Wraith is available in paperback and electronic format.


 The Wraith Paperback


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 T.R.'s previous novels, Sight, and Dirty Hands, are also available in electronic and paperback format.

 Here is a short synopsis of Sight:

Young Nathan Walker performs feats with his mind that normal humans can't fathom, feats that drain his mind and body. His ability is vital in keeping his father, James, an early twentieth century civil rights activist, from harm at the hands of rural Alabama racists. The family flees to Baltimore, where James establishes himself as a successful businessman and prominent member of the fledgling NAACP. While Nathan struggles with his burgeoning talents and a much larger new school, James's relentless activism pushes him ever closer to danger. Tragedy strikes when Nathan's fear of his own power causes him to turn away from it. In the wake of that tragedy, Nathan focuses his vast and frightening capabilities on revenge. He will not stop until vengeance is his, even if he must sacrifice himself to obtain it.


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           Here is a short synopsis of Dirty Hands:

 Terrell Hawkins, his closest cousin, and his best friend set out to have a good time on a Saturday night. Alcohol, marijuana, and immodest girls who like to partake in both are part of that pursuit. They don't expect the debauchery to end in tragedy, just as they don't expect their horrible response to embroil them in a struggle to avoid the authorities while growing increasingly distrusting of each other. Terrell and the others quickly learn that dirty hands can lead to desperate acts and that the worst of circumstances can cause even the best of friends to become enemies.


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